(Or see my résumé.)

I work as an Engineering Lead at Cedar, a small healthcare technology company based in New York City.

Before Cedar, I was at Khan Academy, where I joined as an intern and left a few years later as a Senior Software Engineer and Engineering Lead.

In my time at Khan Academy, I hopped around the stack, contributing to the mobile native, web, and mobile web products, and writing code across the front-end (React et al) and back-end (Python, on App Engine). For the last year or so of my time there, I helped lead the Independent Learning team, responsible for the cross-stack ownership and development of Khan Academy's self-directed learner experience. It was an incredible, and incredibly rewarding, experience.

I studied Computer Science at Princeton University, graduating in June 2015 as the student in top academic standing in my major. In my four years at Princeton, I interned as a software engineer at Microsoft and (surprise) Khan Academy.

My academic interests have shifted over time, from functional programming (I've done research under Professor David Walker), to machine learning, to computational linguistics (my senior thesis on noun compounds was advised by Professor Christiane Fellbaum). Today, I'm focused on learning as much as I can about the healthcare space (a relatively new interest) and building software (a somewhat older one).

I try to write, though I don't publish as often as I'd like. My technical blog posts have been featured in Python Weekly, JavaScript Weekly, on the front page of Hacker News, and elsewhere.